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Sub Game Mode Intro

2017-07-17 10:01:13

In the game Fleet Glory, subs are not tough like battleships or dextrous like destroyers, but they have something no other vessel has—namely, diving. A sub floating on water carries no threat because subs are assassins. They lurk around the enemy. After all, only an enemy not seen is the most terrifying.

In the game Fleet Glory, subs have a very simple beeline attack style that is easy to master. Just aim at your target and maintain a good sinking rhythm because both sinking and rising have CD time, so make sure you are using sound judgment of the distance and time. Moreover, the destruction power of ship-based torpedoes are extremely formidable. Only 2 on-target strikes will either cause your target to lose some or all HP.

Some points of caution: subs have relatively slow cruising speed, so please don’t actually head straight for where the enemy is gathered. When making a turn, please don’t run away in a straight path because you will become an easy target. Beginning sub players can follow along with the movement of teammates. On the one hand, teammates can attract the attention of the enemy. On the other hand, they can strike when the enemy is not looking.

The seas are the sub’s best ally because a sub under water is very hard to detect and to strike by any weapons other than torpedoes and underwater mines. So, subs have the advantage to ambush and to hide from enemies. They could deliver blows to the enemy out of the blue and also protect itself from deadly threats.