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The unlock method of the Fleet Glory munitions center

2017-07-25 10:36:30

How to unlock the munitions center? What we can buy in it? Now we are going to show you this function.


We believe that many players are familiar with this function. As its name is munitions center, it’s no doubt that the item here is the munitions of the fleet, such as material, weapon and warship.


First, we can see this function through clicking the shopping icon on the right above of the main interface.


After enter in it, there’re four kinds of munitions can be chosen: Battleship munitions, Cruiser munitions, Destroyer munitions and Submarine (coming soon) munitions.


We will obtain the upgrade material, weapon and the warship of the corresponding warship type when we open different munitions.


So which warship can we obtain through this? Obviously, it’s the question which you all want to ask. Here’s the list:

Battleship: 4-star Elizabeth class

Destroyer: 4-star Yukikaze

Cruiser: 4-star Nuremberg


You will obtain 6 items by buying munitions once and each item are possible to obtain the weapon and the warship.


What’s more, once there’s a warship in the 6 items you got, the ship must be the 4-star warship of the corresponding munitions.

For example:

When you draw the battleship munitions, if it shows that there’s a warship in it, the ship must be the 4-star Elizabeth class!