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Recommend! Four powerful warship coming soon!

2017-07-19 11:38:18


Recommend! Four powerful warship coming soon!


This activity introduces some classic battleships to everybody, providing in-game invincibility, and some customized in-game activities for the battleships.  Brave Captains, join us!


Event Profile:


1.       Black Pearl Atlanta (Cruiser)

The cruiser is equipped with 127-millimeter naval guns and is expected to be the command ship of the  destroyer fleet. Eight warships of this kind were built. The weight of this class of warships has been increased due to the firepower reinforcement, which make it impossible for the ship to reach the designed speed of 35 knots.


The Black Pearl Atlanta is a defensive cruiser! The Black Pearl Atlanta has additional coating to improve the speed of the ship. Not only can you scout for the team during the fight, but you can also do a lot of damage to the enemy. As the peak of battleship design, it is an excellent ship.


Acquisition Route:

Open service activity: 7.17-8.6, with there being 20 warships, numbers are limited.



2.       Shirayuki (destroyer)


Shirayuki began its construction on March 11, 1927 in Yokohama shipyard. It was officially named "Shirayuki" on August 1, 1928 and classified as a first-class destroyer.


The Shirayuki was one of the early stage of the game gold COINS to buy boat, have good combat capability, both in terms of speed and HP, and has improved considerably and especially in terms of flexibility, can let you escape a cluster of enemy fire and strike a deadly blow to the enemy.

For players who prefer flexible tactics and skirmishing, the Shirayuki is one of the pre-selected destroyers!


Acquisition Route: Warship Development and gold purchase


3.       Nassau (battleship)


In order to counter the British-built HMS Dreadnought, Germany designed the Nassau class battleship, which is the first “All-Big-Gun” battleship.


Nassau class battleships, equipped with full heavy artillery (All - Big - Gun), whether in the ship armor strength, HP and warships of damage and range has a good ability, it is equipped with All the heavy artillery that moment seconds kill people!

If you like to go on the offensive, especially with ranged attacks, the Nassau is your best bet!


Acquisition Route:

On the 3rd day of the festival, the third day task, the purchase of gold (HOT)

Battleship Development - gold purchase


4.       Konigsberg (Cruiser) 1800 gold


A light cruiser with very powerful artillery and torpedoes. One of its main features is the unconventional arrangement

of the ship aft main turret.


The Konigsberg (cruiser) is a light cruiser from Germany, which has good maneuverability and navigation speed in game. As a light cruiser, it is suitable to assist other team members to attack the enemy.

Acquisition Route:

7. On the 3rd day of the festival, the third mission, the purchase of gold (HOT)

Battleship Development - gold purchase