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Map introduction

2017-07-17 09:13:35

After the navy port becomes 4 stars, we will see some battlefield wider than before. One of is the glacier strait. Two spawns are in the northeastern and southwestern part of the center. The glacier distributes densely and makes the fleet hard to move, but it also provide a natural cover for the warship. 

After numbers of sea battle, now we are going to share some experience with you all and hope to offer some helps to all the captains.

Tactics: Flank raid

Requirements: DD≥3

Battlefield characteristic:The main battlefield is around the flag point. Most of the player will move to the map center when the battle starts. There are many small islands in X:8 and X:3, and it forms a long and narrow channel. If there’s a BB guarding at here, this area will be difficult to take.

Contents: DD which spawn in the north explore the X:8 area. The one in the south raid through X:3. Warship recommended: Benson

Step1. Be in position before the enemy fleets. You might be spotted when you arrive at Y:F or Y:E. But don’t worry. Normally, the BB will aim at the flag point. So you will be safe. Place mines at the entrance of islands and blockade this area.

Step2. After step1 is completed, there’re two ways for you to choose.

First, when enemies’ battleship or cruiser doesn’t arrive at the central area, you can start a bush fighting around Y:E and Y:F to support the central battlefield. In this area, the iceberg becomes a natural cover. Place enough mines in this area to ensure no one can be close to you.

Second, when heavy warships appeared in the central area, do not fight with them and keep moving. For there’re so many small islands in this area, it will be easy to hit the island. So in this case, Benson is recommended. Benson has 14.7 initial exploring and 15.1 torpedo attack. So it will make a lot of troubles to the enemy. Pay attention to keep instance to the battleship. Avoid the attack through continued moving and provide teammates the vision.

Though this battlefield is not so wide, it requires the player to be enough familiar to terrain and warship. It also can improve our operation. What’s more, fighting in this map during the hot summer also bring us a lot of coolness, isn’t?