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Fleet Glory Destroyer: The Silent Long-Range Warship User Guide

2017-07-17 09:34:34

The first generation TPS naval warfare mobile game Fleet Glory has successfully recreated realistically hundreds of well-known warships from WWII. The big five warship types, namely cruisers, destroyers, battleships, aircraft carriers, and subs, all make dazzling and unique appearances in the game. Among the overwhelming number of warships, destroyers are what all players most commonly come into contact with at the start of the game. But their early appearance does not mean they get knocked out out earlier too. Rather, destroyers are regarded in the game as the most critical “shock forces.” Now, let us see how to correctly use destroyers in the game Fleet Glory!

[All-round Warship Type—Hundred Year History and Significance]

Destroyers first appeared in the 1890s. They are a type of warship with strong adaptability and diverse purpose. Following one hundred years of development, destroyers are now able to equip airborne, waterborne, and underwater weapon systems. With their high carrier speed, they can effectively carry out raids, guard, support, relief, and other efforts. Even in today’s fast-changing and competitive naval environment, destroyers are still one of the most important warships.

[Destroyer Real Combat Applications: Light+Surprise Attack]

Similar in position as destroyers in real life, destroyers in Fleet Glory are highly dexterous, equipped with torpedoes, and can release “smoke screens.” Judging on these grounds, destroyers then have very obvious functions on the battlefield—namely to light+to surprise attack. Lay out smoke screens, escort warships, conduct emergency evacuations, or surprise the enemy when their defense is down; Use high dexterity to probe the waters or to avoid enemy fire; Fire torpedoes at the right time to sink enemy warships. Even though destroyers look extremely easy to operate, but extended practice is needed in order to really bring their functions fully into play.

[Battlefield Survival Techniques: Prudence]

Destroyers may be small in size and have low defense, but they have high dexterity. So, in battles, destroyers need to be operated with more prudence than most. 1. Fire torpedoes at their greatest firing range; 2. Don’t forget to use smoke screens to increase your survivability; 3. Keep a lower speed or pause under the smoke screen; 4. Change gear and direction to avoid enemy fire; 5. The straits and narrow channels are the destroyers’ natural battleground. Use torpedoes to seal the openings; 6. If you don’t have 100% confidence, do not risk launching close-range torpedoes; 7. The reefs are home to the destroyers.

Flexibility is at the center of a destroyer’s function. For example, when probing the waters or before releasing a torpedo, you could be facing swarms of inevitable enemy fire. This is when you could use the flexibility of your destroyer to launch a smoke screen to move yourself to a random position. Indeed, the game Fleet Glory provides a free operation platform for players to abundantly bring out their destroyer’s strengths and to succeed at whatever endeavors they carry out in the battle. Go experience the functionality of destroyers in the game!