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The Newbie’s Essential Tactics 2

2017-07-17 09:55:51

Last time we introduced some simple tactics for newbie players. We have more exciting contents this time.

1. Speed—Destroyers and cruisers have relatively higher carrier speeds, so please try not move at full speed all the time and to slow down and to keep some distance between teammates. When making advancements as a group, try to target the closest enemy ship first and fire at it together. Wiping out enemy ships one by one has the greatest chance of success.

2. Assault—It depends on the situation. For example, if enemy formation has been broken, (enemy ships are starting to evacuate) then this is time for every member of the combat group to follow up at top speed with hot pursuit and passion. But if the enemy has shown no hint of running away, then just stand firm and fight steady because after all, the head that sticks out first is usually the first that gets chopped. The closer the range, the easier it is to kill instantly. But then again, please do not focus on just one target or only target those with the least HP unless you are really sure you could finish the job quickly. (Friendly reminder: please try not to lose your life in trying to pull off anything impressive…)

3. One more thing about formation, after you form a combat group, it could occur that an American destroyer torpedo or a cruiser projectile fails to reach the intended enemy target. When this happens, please do not be anxious. Those battleships in the rear row can also deal out damage.  What you should do right now is have your destroyer pull a smoke screen for cover. Then make your destroyers and cruiser move in zigzags in order to avoid enemy fire and to advance at the same time. But please make sure you are not leaving your battleships too far behind when moving in this fashion.