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The Newbie’s Essential Tactics 1

2017-07-17 09:56:12

We’re going to introduce some newbie tactics in this article.

In the game Fleet Glory, there are many different kinds of warships, which means tactics are an important part of the game. Indeed, you almost certainly cannot win with individual heroism alone! So, let’s talk about “tactics.”

1. Any single-handed action will only cause entrapment and annihilation by enemy forces. (Speaking from personal experience) Please pay close attention and to keep a safe distance from your teammates.

2. Destroyers frequently rush ahead too fast at the start of a match. This is unwise because without cover from teammates, it’s hard for a lone destroyer to hold down the game. Therefore, destroyers and cruisers should be aware of the positions and headings of the battleships and to move under the escort of battleships in order to ensure survival and success. (I keep seeing seeing battle situations where all the cruisers have gone under, leaving only the destroyers and battleships.)

3. The ideal team—when sticking together in a small combat group, do not have the destroyer stray too far. Pull a smoke screen at the front of the group and use a torpedo to block off the enemy’s water route. Position the cruiser in the middle of the combat group to assist in delivering damage and in fending off air raid. Keep an eye out for enemy torpedo aircrafts and bombers as well as fighter planes (aka scout planes). Position the battleship in the rear row but do not fight like a coward, because you are the most impudent fighter and have the most HP, so do not overlook your chance to act as the MT. Now try to push the entire group forward together, not rushing in the front or holding up in the back.

4. At the start of the game, it’s best that you take not of where all your battleships are positioned. Try to distribute them evenly on both sides and not put everything in one basket and leave the other all empty because you would lose hands down if the enemy breaks in. Do not think about attacking all the time. First lay the groundwork: get in a good formation, put out a good defense formation, and then start moving forward together.

And of course, the most important thing is that you have to get real time game experience!