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Shop Intro

2017-07-17 10:56:40

The arms center in the game Fleet Glory has multiple functions. The game contents are divided into five categories: Provisions Center, Resources Center, Materials Merchant, Military Supplies Center, and Logistics Center. Their relative functions in the Shop are as follows:

Provisions Center: Spend a certain amount of gold or silver to get super valuable and rare tools. Buy ten times to get a high star-rating weapon.

Resources Center: Some random and timed items are put on sale. You could refresh and get some valuable rare items. Click on refresh items to refresh all items on the page.

Materials Merchant: Ship parts are put on sale. You can buy items that you see and like.

Military Supplies Center: Weapon equipment of various kinds of ships are put on sale. Captains can buy items according to what their ship needs. Here you have a chance of getting corresponding and high star-rating weapons as well as special ships.

Logistics Center: Use military exploits to carry out purchases. Here, expensive and advanced items are generally put on sale.