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Sailing Operation Intro

2017-07-17 10:54:43

In the game Fleet Glory, each captain can choose among two pilot modes: auto or manual.

Auto Mode

Also called “assistant pilot mode”. In this mode, captains only need to adjust among four gears and to steer the ship left or right to operate it.Auto mode includes two operations: switching gears and turning.

In HMS Hood, every ship has four gears: full speed ahead, half speed ahead, stop, and reverse. Selecting full speed ahead will make the ship sail at maximum speed; selecting half speed will make the ship sail at half the maximum speed; selecting stop will make the ship decelerate and come to a stop naturally; selecting reverse will make the ship sail backwards at a relatively slow speed.

Something worth noting is that different ship have different response times to gear switches. Large-scale warships (battleships, aircraft carrier) have relatively longer response times while mid-size to small-scale warships have relatively shorter response times (cruisers, destroyers). This setting perfectly restores the piloting experience of those warships in real life. Captains can switch gears by sliding the gear function up or down. You do not need to do anything else after switching gears, as the ship will adjust to the new gear itself.

In actual battle, turning is an indispensable operation. The turning buttons are the fan-shaped sectors on either side of the gear box.

When turning, press down and hold the turn button to complete the turning operation. Like the gears, different types of ships have different response times. Generally speaking, destroyers and other dexterous warships turn faster than other ships such as battleships.

Manual Mode

The manual mode is designed for captains who are more into operational and individualized piloting. Its operation is slightly more complicated than that of auto mode. But its advantage is that it allows the captain to maneuver the ship more meticulously, which can reap huge benefits when the war gets chaotic.

There is no gear selection in manual mode, so the captain must keep his/her hand on the operation area all the time. Leaving the operation area will make the ship stop running. The turning operation requires the captain to keep pressing on forward operation toward either left or right to complete a turn.

The auto/manual operation mode of ships can be chosen by clicking on the button at the lower left corner of the battle page. You can switch freely as you choose.